Is it possible to set the recording configuration on each meeting?

I am now using API partner mode.

I have two(actually three) questions regarding the recording.

  1. For unanimous user who knows the link, is it possible to make this person ( unanimous user, who only installs the Zoom client but never logged in or singed up ) to start recording or stop recording?

When I tested, it says “please request record permission from the meeting host”


  1. For the different meetings, is it possible to set recording configuration differently? Let’s say for the meeting “5313123” I want it to automatically start recording on cloud. For the meeting “112301293”, I want not to automatically start recording on cloud but rather depend on the user’s manual input. ( Here I assume unanimous user can enable recording, which penetrates the first question above )

  2. If I create an user with custcreate, how does this work if the user doesn’t signup or login to the zoom client, how does this user punch the information? I actually do not understand the way custcreate works. It requires me to put email of the user and and configuration for enabling the recording or brr.

I want to know the detail thing on these issues.

I am looking forward to seeing your reply!






Hi Sungpah:

(1) In order to start a recording, the user must be the host of the meeting. Anonymous users (users who are not singed in) cannot start recordings through API

(2) we are adding this feature (where you can pass an attribute to auto start recording per meeting at the meeting creation time) in our next release which will be available in June. For now, the recording is controlled by the user settings. you can use the /user/update API to set the attribute to enable automate recordings. When you use our meeting create API to create a meeting with that user id, then auto recording will start when the meeting starts

(3) you can use the user management API’s to control the settings. But keep in mind that this does not apply for guest who do not sign in since we do not have accounts for the guests in our platform and so cannot control the settings through API



Wei @ Zoom

Thanks Wei for your comment.

Since our users are all unanimous ( Who do not log in or sign up Zoom for convenience ), user setting API does not resolve the issue here, right?


And a unanimous user cannot be a host, which means the guest cannot start or halt recording function.

Some of our users are sensitive about the privacy issue, so as of now, I cannot enable auto recording function for them. 

Some of our users want to record, but I cannot enable auto recording because of the sensitive users. We receive a preference over recording from individual users, but none of them are signed up, meaning a user API setting is not going to be helpful in my situation.


When is the next release going to be? Is that early June or Late June?

I am looking forward to seeing your reply!





Hi Sungpah,  we don’t have an exact date for the June release (a guess would be mid June) but do keep an eye on this forum as we post the summary of changes for each release few days ahead of the actual deployment.



Wei @ Zoom


Hi Wei, thanks for your comment.