Is it possible to start a Zoom Rooms meeting using Zoom client SDK

Is it possible to start a Zoom Rooms meeting (with meeting number) using the Zoom client SDK if the host has logged in the client SDK?

Mobile SDK Version: v5.5.1.1317

Hi @deena.qb, thanks for using the dev forum.

The Client SDK supports direct share through the IDirectShareServiceHelper interface.


@jon.lieblich Thanks for the reply. But my question was whether we can start a Zoom Rooms meeting as the host from the Zoom client SDK for Android? I am able to start/host a normal Zoom meeting from the SDK but not sure about the Rooms meeting.

Hi @deena.qb,

Apologies if my last reply was unclear. The only functionality related to Zoom Rooms supported by the SDK at this time is the direct share feature.


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