Not able to start meeting as host with android sdk

I’m trying to start meeting with android sdk. but unfortunately not able to start meeting as host. i’m able to join meeting as

MeetingService meetingService = ZoomSDK.getInstance().getMeetingService();
MeetingOptions meetingOptions = new JoinMeetingOptions();
StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin params = new StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin();
params.userId = host_id;
params.userType = MeetingService.USER_TYPE_API_USER;
params.displayName = “HOST”;
params.zoomAccessToken = ZAK;
params.meetingNo = “3390399496”;
int result = meetingService.startMeetingWithParams(ZoomCall_Test_Activity.this, params, meetingOptions);

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Hi @freegurukul, thanks for using our SDK.

Can you please elaborate on what issues you’re seeing when trying to start a meeting? Are there any specific error codes you’re seeing?


There is no any error or error code, with this code i’m not able to start class as host but i’m able join class as guest.

Hi @freegurukul,

If you are unable to start the meeting as host, it means that you have not provided a ZAK associated with the meeting host’s account.


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