startMeeting method not working for host


I’m using zoom-sdk-android for a while and still I could not manage to start meeting. When I call it it asks for meeting password. If I write the correct password I join the meeting as listener not as host but I’M THE HOST

I’m using this method 

int startMeeting(android.content.Context context, java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String zoomToken, int userType, java.lang.String meetingNo, java.lang.String displayName)

here the context is the activity

userId is zoom user Id

zoomToken is zpk token which is visible in the URL at first click

usertype is MeetingService.USER_TYPE_API_USER

displayName don’t care

link to docs : 

WHY? please help


If you are not the meeting host, please take a look at the JoinMeeting API in Android SDK.