Is it possible to use Zoom SDK as a part of the XPC service?

I am using ZoomSDK to start meeting in my macOS app and all works fine. Now i need to move this part of business logic into the separate XPC service module and ZoomSDK can not go through the authorization process.

Code sample :

- (void)initZoomSDK {

    ZoomSDKInitParams *params = [[ZoomSDKInitParams alloc] init];

    params.teamIdentifier = nil;

    params.needCustomizedUI = YES;

    params.enableLog = NO;

    ZoomSDKError error = [[ZoomSDK sharedSDK] initSDKWithParams:params]; // return  ZoomSDKError_Success

    NSAssert(error == ZoomSDKError_Success, @"Failed to initialize Zoom SDK for Mac");


    // ZoomSDK authorization

    [ZoomSDK sharedSDK].zoomDomain = @"";

    ZoomSDKAuthService *service = [ZoomSDK sharedSDK].getAuthService;

    service.delegate = self;

    ZoomSDKError error = [service sdkAuth:<#key#> appSecret:<#secret#>]; // return  ZoomSDKError_Success

    NSAssert(error == ZoomSDKError_Success, @"Failed to authorize ZoomSDK for Mac"); 


None of the ZoomSDKAuthDelegate protocol methods are called in the XPC service target of the project, but the same code works in the main app.

Can You point me if there are any limitations of using the ZoomSDK in such case ?

Which macOS Meeting SDK version?

Hi @mcfly,

I would not expect the SDK to work correctly (if at all) in an XPC service. The Meeting SDK is only built for use in the same scenarios in which you would run the regular Zoom client.


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