Is it possible to view a stream without joining?

I am wondering if I can use the Video SDK to stream audio/video captured from the session host anonymously, meaning anyone who visits a particular site will be able to see/hear the hosts’ stream via a video player on the page. None of the viewers will need to use any Zoom features such as chat. The use case is that viewers can simply watch a live stream in a video player.

If it is required that each viewer joins the session in order to view the stream, what is the capacity per session? And can we run multiple simultaneous sessions - each with their own host - from one account?

Hey @sigkey,

You can live stream a meeting on another platform, then embed the stream into another site. Here’s our Setting up custom live streaming help documentation on that subject. Please let me know if this answers your question.


Thanks @donte.zoom . Is it possible to stream to a custom service with the new Zoom video SDK?

Hello @sigkey,

Yes, it is possible to custom live streaming with the new Zoom Video SDK. Please see our Video SDK documentation for more information on its functionality:

Please let me know if this helps.


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