Is it safe to use start_url for users outside of our account?

Is it safe to use start_url (webinar) to our end-customers? meaning different users outside of our account.
We have zoom account with 9 licensed user.
So this 9 licensed user uses JWT to create a webinar for our end-users (outside of our account).
These end-users will be the host of the webinar

I am not sure if this is safe?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Zoom Webinar

Which Endpoint/s?
Zoom Webinar

Hi @third.party_20190621,

Good question—start_urls are intended for the meeting/webinar host to start the meeting/webinar, and we do not recommend sharing these widely outside of your account.


I see.
Is there anything we can do to make user outside of our account be the host but it needs to be a webinar.

Is this flow possible

  1. our zoom account creates a webinar.
  2. when the user outside of our account will start the webinar (from our app), we will use oauth and make him an alternative host/main host?

Will this still be a webinar even though the user outside of our account does not have webinar license?

Hi @third.party_20190621,

Since the alternative_host will need to be under the same account as the main host, one recommendation could be to consider provisioning a user specifically for this role under your account. I don’t believe you’ll be able to designate an alternative host even with OAuth.


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