Is on-prem deployment support co-host?

is on-prem deployment support co-host?

Hi @homellc123 ,

I do not believe on-premise deployments should affect your ability to have co-hosts. You can read more about on-premise deployments here:

If you have additional questions about this, please reach out to our Technical Support team here, as they’ll be best suited to assist you.


Hi @will.zoom

I have finished on-premise deployments and it is working fine, but my test result is that at the time of adding user and user authorization, if the user type is set to licensed have co-hosts.If the user type is set to ON-PREM not have CO-HOSTS。
What could be the reason?


Hey @homellc123 ,

Thanks for clarifying. Since On-Premise Deployment is supported by our Technical Support team, they’ll be best suited to confirm this for you. Please reach out to them directly here.


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