Is participantId deprecated in Zoom Android SDK?

We are using participant_id to uniques identify the users who join our meeting. We assign a unique participant_id to the user when they join the meeting, using JoinMeetingOptions. I checked one post on this forum where it is mentioned that participant_id is going to be deprecated in the future in Mobile SDKs. I wanted to understand if that is correct and if yes, then what are the alternatives to uniquely identify participants in the Zoom call.

Hi @anonymousedge03, thanks for the post.

Depending on whether or not the participant joining a meeting is authenticated, they will have either 1 or 2 unique identifiers assigned to them generated by the Zoom back end: User ID and participant ID.

User ID is generated any time the user enters a new meeting, and is only associated with that user until they leave the meeting (including switching from waiting room to main meeting or between breakout rooms).

Participant ID is an identifier that is associated with a Zoom account. This will only be provided by Zoom’s back end if the user is logged in or otherwise authenticated. This ID will not be deprecated in the future. What you are referring to is that ability for SDK users to provide their own participant ID. I do recall mentions of this ability being deprecated in the future, but am not aware of anything in the near future.

When deprecating something in any of our developer offerings, we try to provide more than enough advanced notice to update to a recommended alternative. If the time comes that we are going to completely remove support, we will include the alternative in the communication we send out to convey the upcoming change. :slightly_smiling_face:


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