User Joined Webhook Payload Update

Hi, we were just going through documentation related to webhooks and we have noticed that in meeting.participant_joined (and other similar webooks) webhook payload it is mentioned that id key in participant object will be removed in future and instead we have to use participant_user_id to get the value, Now during testing we have observed that for some users we are getting UUID value against both keys and for some we only get it against id which will get removed in future according to document. Can anyone please tell why there is this difference in responses.

Hi @zawar.ahmed

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
I was able to do some testing on my end and I can confirm that the “participant_user_id” along with the “id” from the participant object, they have the same value. I can also confirmed that the user associated with those ids was logged in into their Zoom account when I did the testings.

The id value will be empty if the participant did not log into Zoom when joining the meeting.

Hope this helps,

Thanks @elisa.zoom for looking into the issue.
I tried with 4 zoom clients on which 4 separate users were signed in, but i only got value for both these fields for 2 users only for other 2 i received only id this is what confusing me that why there is different response for these users.

Thanks once again.