Is possible to have multiple owners\developers for an APP

We are developing a Zoom app. And we have multiple developers working on this app.
If a main app developer is out for some reason, we would like someone else to be able to make changes to the app: Change description, permission scope… etc

Is possible for multiple people to manage an APP?


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No, not at this time, each app is owned by the user who created it in Zoom Marketplace.

We do have this item on our backlog, but it has not been prioritized.
Please follow us on the Zoom Developer Blog to learn when that, and other features, will be released.

Edit: I think I misunderstood this question. It seems you can have multiple developers on an app by creating a “Developer” role that has the permissions needed (but mainly “Advanced -> Developer”). Then invite a new user and give them that role?

@bdeanindy Is there any way to upvote issues? Would really like this to get priority, it’s making it really difficult to work on a project with my co-developer…

Hey @nuklearfiziks I’m moving this topic over to the “Feature Request” category of the forum.
From there…the VOTE feature at the top is available for any Zoom Developer to cast their desire for this to be in production sir.

Where’s the “vote” button? I don’t see it anywhere.

Like, am I understanding the problem domain correctly? Can you truly not have more than one developer able to edit Marketplace app settings??? I’ve given my co-developer full admin privileges on the account and she can’t edit anything, just see number of installs. I’m confused how you figure people are going to build software for this in an enterprise setting otherwise…

Yes, at this time, that is correct. Whomever initially defined the app, is the only user who can modify the app’s definition at a later date.

To be clear, modifying an app’s definition (how the app is defined for developer’s needs on Marketplace), is a wholly separate use case than modifying an app’s configuration (performed by Owners/Admins/Users who install apps).

We understand this is not an optimal experience, but it does not prohibit enterprise developers from successfully building amazing apps with Zoom Marketplace (we have some of the largest enterprise organizations in the world happily building stellar apps using Zoom Marketplace). :smiley:

Yes, and I’m sure if you query any of your enterprise orgs’ developers they’ll tell you that this is wholly unprofessional and an absolutely terrible developer experience. Just because you can do something with a technology doesn’t mean it’s fun, easy, or a worthwhile ROI.

Do better…

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Understood. It is on our roadmap. We’ve had a few other priorities over the past few months.
Thank you for your patience, guidance, and input! Your feedback is most welcomed, and I have added your information to the issue for tracking.

#codeHappy :smiley:

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