Developing and pitching a new app to zoom

Hello Zoom App Developers’

I’m trying to pitch a new app for Zoom to offer to their clients, but I’m not a developer myself. Can anyone help me develop the app? How can I contact Zoom leadership to present the concept? How does the ownership of the App work? Does the App developer share ownership with Zoom?

Thanks you,

Hi @tommieleewashington , welcome to the Zoom Developer community! We’re glad you’re interested in building on the Zoom Apps platform. Anyone interested in developing a Zoom App (or any type of app/integration on the Zoom Developer platform) can do so freely without needing our permission so long as you follow our Marketplace Developer Agreement and API Terms of Use.

The first step would be to develop the app or integration and then work through our app publishing process. You would be the owner of the application which would adhere to the terms of our App Marketplace. Once published, your application can be installed and used by users outside of your own account, allowing for anyone with a Zoom account to use and enjoy the app.