Is there a better way to get bulk data

I’m new ish to pulling data from the Zoom APIs and so may not be going about this in the most efficient way so am looking for advice.

We currently have a user base of around 50K with a few hundred rooms and at the moment may 30K meeting happening daily.
I’ve been able to pull data about our users, get a list of the users meetings and am now looking to get information about the participants of these meetings however the only place I can see that provides “full” information is within the Dashboard/metric section and this has rate limits (2L per day) which mean I can’t pull all the data and never will be able to even if I run 24/7

Is there a better/different way to get hold of bulk data - it would need to be on a regular basis, or is there a different set of API’s that I’ve just not found that will allow me to get the require info but don’t have the rate limits?


Currently no, but we are working on a bulk data endpoint.

The best solution currently is to use our Webhooks, which send you data in real time, however it does not have all the fields that the dashboard and reports endpoint have.

We also have a special data streaming service webhook which could get you the data you need. You could enquire about by emailing