Is there a better way to handle changing host without reaching the 100 API limit

We are creating a learning platform that has the ability to create meetings before we know who the host would be. So to handle this we created a “manager/bot” user that function as a “TBD” state due to the api requirement of passing a user when creating a meeting.

We have started to run into api limits when having to change the meeting to another user. It goes as follows.

  • Admin creates meeting in our dashboard but doesnt know the host as of yet
  • The meeting is created with the hose of our “User M” (Manager user)
  • Later they want to assign the true host “User A”

So far this works as attended. Now our issue is when we need to change from User A -> User B. To handle this we do the following api changes

  • Update Meeting changing schedule_for from User A to User M
  • Another Update meeting changing schedule_for from User M to User B

Now the reason why we do this is due to the requirement that for any user to change a meeting to another user they must be assigned the Assistant role. To make it easy we assign the User M (manager user) to EVERY newly created zoom user under our organization. Again this works as intended.

The problem is that we can reach the 100 meeting operation changes because User M has to act as a middle man when switching users. Is there a better way of handling this to allow going from User A - > User B WITHOUT having to add ALL users (100+) as Assistances for say User A.

You have exceeded the daily rate limit (100) of Meeting Create/Update API requests permitted for this particular user. You may resume these requests at GMT 00:00:00.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @utilitynyc,

Thanks for laying out your use case like this.

Have you considered creating an additional user, so that you can utilize more than 1 user to create the meeting and increase your limits?

Alternatively, you might also consider using our OAuth flow, which would allow each user using your application to have the meeting created for them.

Let me know if this helps,

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