Is there a review of the ZommApp in progress?

Hi Zoom Marketplace Team

I had applied for a user level application, but I re-created it at the account level with the same application name.
However, the review has not yet progressed.It has stood for 72 hours.

What is the current status?

Hello @iq-re please let us know the name of your Zoom Integration? Also please understand the 72 hour SLA does not include weekends because we only work Monday through Friday.

Regards, Kwaku


AppName: riza-en.ENT
Updated Apr 10 03:03 PM

It has already been a week and no progress has been made.

Hello @iq-re has not been a week it was submitted on 4/14/2023 given the 72 hr SLA Please expect a response by the end of the day

Regards, Kwaku

Hi @kwaku.nyante

I have received an email that my application was received at the following time
Mon, 10 Apr 2023 06:03:08 +0000 (UTC)

I had the same app name because I reworked it from User managed app to Account Level App, is that the cause?

Hello @iq-re I see the problem, the problem is both Apps are submitted on the queue at the moment one called
riza-en.BIZ submitted on 4/14/2023
riza-en.ENT submitted on 4/10/2023

If your not planning to Publish both Integrations I would suggest withdrawing the one your not moving forward with. If you want to move forward with both then please expect a response on both Submissions by the end of day today.

Regards, Kwaku

Hi @kwaku.nyante

‘riza-en.BIZ’ and ‘riza-en.ENT’ are applications used for different services.
So please proceed with both reviews.

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