Requesting App Review Status Updates on the Devforum

Devforum Post - App review status Updates

Once you submit your Zoom Integration for Publishing on the Marketplace we guarantee a 72-hour SLA for review response. This does not mean you will complete your review it means we will review your submission and provide feedback within 72hrs. Please also remember the Marketplace Operations team only works Monday through Friday so this SLA does not include weekends, so for example, if you submit on Friday your response will be provided by Tuesday.

A number of issues can cause delays with the review, lack of a test plan or credentials, missing links to metadata, and general errors on your side or ours. This Checklist is also a resource that can be used to find out things your submission could be missing.

Please follow the instructions below for App review status updates

If the SLA for your Submission has been breached please go ahead and Post on the forum a message as simple as “I need help with an App Review status Update” Once you do that make sure you select the Marketplace Category and one of our team members will reach out to you. Be ready to provide the following information

App Name:

Production Client ID:

If you prefer this information private please suggest that in the post we will reach out to you via Direct Message for you to provide that information.