Is there a way to call that forces the user to choose an account?

We have an Oauth2 user managed app, for an integration with a web application.

When a user clicks to install the app, is opened in a popup window.

This works well if they are not logged into Zoom in another browser tab. It also works well if they are logged in as the user and account they wish to use.

Where it falls down is if they are, for example, logged into a personal Zoom account in another browser tab. Then the app will try to install using their personal account, and they’ll see an error message.

Or worse, they may be logged in as another user in the correct account. Then the app will install but it will not be the correct user.

Is there any way to add a parameter to that forces the user to choose which user/account to use? Both Microsoft Teams and Google provide this option.

Alternately, is there a way to always force login at, rather than using an existing browser session?


Hi @TotaraDev,

Thanks for joining our Developer Community, and good question!

While you make a good suggestion, I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to control the existing user session as part of our OAuth flow. If a user is already logged in in their browser, the authorization will default to that user’s session.

If you wish to have greater control over this, you might consider implementing logic to always authorize the user in new window/incognito mode.


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