Is there a way to login to the Zoom Meetings Windows desktop app?

For a given PC, we want to auto-login to the Zoom Meetings Windows app when the PC starts to a pre-determined account if possible. Furthermore, is it possible to query who the logged in user is in the Zoom Meetings app on another app/service that runs local to the same machine? We would like to log out a user who tries to switch accounts in the Zoom Meetings app and re-log them back in with the pre-determined account. I have no idea if there’s an api into the Zoom Meeting app or if it’s possible to accomplish this through the registry. If so, please point me in the right direction. Thanks, Josh

Zoom Meetings app:

Hey @josh.ak,

Happy to clarify—To that end, it sounds like the information most valuable for your use case is the logged-in status of a user, is that right?

If so, I should clarify that we have a User Signed In webhook event, which you can use to get real time updates when a user logs in. You may be able to use this to store log-in records locally.

Also, our GET /users endpoint has a last_login value, which you may also find helpful for keeping track of your users’ sessions:

These endpoints should be a good starting point for you, but let me know if this is helpful!


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