Login to Zoom from third part website and show list of meetings


Newbie question.
What I would like to achieve is to allow users to login to they Zoom account from my website and after authenticating them, show the list with they meetings on my website.

The scenario would be like below:

  • User is the member on my website.
  • He clicks on “Connect to Zoom” button and popup shows up, where user can enter Zoom email and password.
  • He gets authenticated and on return shows list of the meetings from his profile.

Is that event possible, since I can not find much information on it and reading documentation and forum, looks like it may not be possible since you are not taking information from your own API.

If this is possible, where should I start? Any examples on login from third part website?

Thank you!

Hey @arcangelgirl, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Totally possible using an User Level OAuth App!

You can follow the OAuth guide to get started.

Once you have an access_token you can use it to list a users meetings.


Thank you @tommy !

Those users, that are going to login via Zoom, that I will take they meetings from, will not be associated with my Zoom account and API.
Is this is still possible?

Asking, because in this forum thread one of the stuff member said “2 - you would have to obtain the token via the api, however this can only be token with users that belong to your account.”.

Thank you.

Hey @arcangelgirl,

Yes it is possible if you publish your app to the Zoom App Marketplace.


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