Is there a way to make the Zoom URL join link to always use the browser and stop prompting use of the Zoom app/software?

We are giving away zoom URL join links for our user from our Website.
And for some user-experience issue, we wish to keep our users from staying on the browsers.

We know that Zoom join link will say the user can still join the meeting via the browser, but is there a way to make this a default and stop prompting users to download and launch the Zoom app?

Is there some URL query parameters we can add to the Zoom URL join link for this?

Hi @RichardSon0k ,

At present, your attendees have to set this on their side as it is their choice.

I’ll continue to look into this to see if I am missing programmatic way. I also recommend sharing this as a #feature-requests.


you can try building your links with wc:…

That’s exactly right @YannJ!

You can use{Meeting ID} to join the meeting via web.


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