Is there an HTML sample for the SDK that uses either local or CDN resources?

I finally got the nodejs sample application to work and was able to get a a video conference going. However, I am working to integrate the SDK into an existing HTML5 app that isn’t either nodejs or react.

Therefore I am looking for answers to these questions.

  1. Where is the CDN to the SDK? The documentation states CDN will be available upon release. So what are my choices here? How can I references the SDK from a single foo.html file? Is there a local version of whatever you are planning to serve via CDN?

  2. Is there an HTML5 sample somewhere similar to the node application?

Which version?
Zoom instant sdk web 1.0.0

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Any clarification for this would be great!

Hi there,

I’m very interested to know about the CDN too. Same two questions for me, can I load the libraries through a simple html file while the CDN is not ready? Is there an app sample for that?



Hey @rgelbhb , @chris6 ,

Once the Fully Customizable Web SDK is self serve, the CDN link and instructions will be added to the documentation.

You will be able to load the libraries through a script tag in your HTML file. :slight_smile:

We will have sample apps soon.



Are there any information about a CDN for the new Fully Customizable Web SDK/Video SDK?
The client SDK worked fine with the CDN, but I can´t seem to find the CDN for the new Video SDK.

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There is some information in the documentation on setting it to use the CDN, but all of the links that it points to are invalid paths. I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of that functionality not yet being launched.

FWIW, I was able to run the SDK through browserify to give me a single file that could be imported. You do still have to host the lib files somewhere and point to them when running the init, though.

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@bekit Thats nice, could you share your steps? I´m trying to do that, but it would be nice to have some insight on you.

Sure thing.

First thing I did was get the sample app in the web video sdk working (following all of the steps to npm install and copy over the @zoomus folder, etc.). Once I had that working, I installed Browserify globally.

Then I created a simple file that would bring in the instantsdk source. For an example, let’s call it main.js. Place this in the root of the Sample folder. This file just had one line in it:

global.ZoomInstant = require("@zoomus/instantsdk");

Then run browserify on it:

browserify main.js -o zoomus-instantsdk.js

That packages it up into the single zoomus-instantsdk.js file that when imported will give you a global object ZoomInstant to access the SDK.

In addition, you have to take the public/lib folder and host it somewhere accessible (until the CDN is available). When you do your init, you have to pass this location. For example:

zoomClient = ZoomInstant.createClient();
await zoomClient.init("en-US", `${window.location.origin}/path/to/lib`);

I’m hoping that this is close enough to what will be released when Zoom provides their own bundle version that I’ll be able to swap in the official version with only minor changes.

Hope this helps!


@bekit Thank you for sharing this valuable piece of info.


Thanks for sharing @bekit ! :slight_smile:

@rpDominik , no CDN for the Video SDK yet, but stay tuned, we are evaluating this.


Then why does your documentation say that you have a CDN? This is just one of many examples of incorrect documentation, which makes integrating with this SDK a lot harder than it should be

Hey @brage.breivik ,

Can you point out where in our Video SDK - Web docs that is so we can correct it? :slight_smile:


In the 1.0.3 release: the file ./docs/integrate It also claims that there should be an npm package available, but there isn’t.
Online, at the description of the init method claims that you can use either “CDN” or “Global”, but when i try to access the urls mentioned I get access denied.

Thanks @brage.breivik ,

We will get this updated to show the correct install flow. :slight_smile: (DEVELOPERS-1061)


Hi Tommy,

Following up on this, are you planning to release a CDN anytime soon?



Hey @chris6 , @rgelbhb ,

We do not have plans for a CDN yet, however, we have published the Video SDK to Github and NPM :slight_smile: