Is there any api to authenticate user and list recorded videos?


My aim is to authenticate users and get the list of recorded Zoom videos. I got the way of listing the recorded videos but is there a way where I can authenticate the user by giving it’s username and password??

Also, I am using React.js as my front-end.

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Hi Bennett,

could you please clarify what do you mean by saying

  1. Create a Zoom API account and generate an API key and secret.

Is it an app in marketplace which we need to create? e.g. - OAuth vs. Meeting SDK vs. Server-to-Server OAuth vs. Video SDK ? and which one?

And you are using ‘zoom-api-client’ which is NodeJS library , and will not work from react component and can not authenticate user in react side . Could you please clarify if I am missing something?

Also as far as I know Zoom REST apis can not be called from frontend side ? Could you please correct me if its wrong?

Thank you

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@jasham009 @sirarpi.manukyan If you want to get a user’s recorded video, you will need to iterate each user’s userID to get their cloud recording. This rest API might help you.

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Thanks for the reply @chunsiong.zoom.
Please help me to understand better.
If I will use the API which is mentioned then how the specific user will be authenticated? I mean if I have someone’s email id I can get the recordings which we don’t want.

So because of that only I want a mechanism to authenticate users so that I can list down user-specific recordings or user-specific data.


@jasham009 , if you use this API, you need to use OAuth to authenticate.

If you are the admin of the account, then you can Server to Server OAuth for account level access to list users and their recordings.