Is there any API to disconnect the webinar automatically after completing the scheduled duration?

We have a requirement where customer want to provide webinar as a service and users whoever need to do a webinar they can sign up to the portal and can schedule a webinar but question here is: how customer can make sure to disconnect their webinar session once they cross the scheduled duration? Because currently in the webinars scheduled using the Zoom Client, webinar can go further even after crossing the scheduled time. Let’s say user scheduled a webinar for only 1 hr duration and during the live session, Zoom neither gives the warning to host that you have finished the scheduled duration, it keeps going and won’t end until host manually ends it but customer want to end the webinar after finishing the scheduled duration?

NA, as customer yet to plan for the development.

Hi @sunder.singh179,

Good question! You’re correct in that a Webinar will not end automatically after the scheduled duration.

However, if you wish to end a Webinar programmatically, you can use this endpoint to end a Webinar at a given time, based off of your desired duration:

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks Will, we will inform the customer for the same and let you know further if there any issues.

We are planning to provide the Video webinar as a service. We want end user to register on the portal and subscribe for let’s say 2hrs. duration. we will allow user to see the calendar and to choose the available slot based on availability to schedule a webinar. We given a thought to use Zoom Webinar license but the limitation is that if once user schedule the webinar after a week so license will be assigned to his account for that duration and can be taken back after finishing the actual webinar so we can’t reuse the license for another webinar during this time period or other option was to give the user option to be as an alternative host but that would also require Zoom license on his account so we didn’t see it as a feasible option.

Can you please advise the best way to suffice the requirement from the license perspective? As we want to fully utilize the webinar licenses?

Hi @sunder.singh179,

If you wish to manage licensing for users in relation to Webinars, you can do so programmatically. Let me know if this helps:

Let me know if this helps, or if you still have questions!


Thanks Will for your response and using this license will be assigned to the user. Once user is assigned with the webinar license then let’s say he scheduled the webinar after 1 week. So we can’t unassigned the license till the live webinar completion.Here our requirement is to reuse the same license for other user for different time slot other than first user’s selected slot to provide webinar as a service on customer portal. It would be really appreciate If you can advise, how we can achieve it to gain the maximum use of the same license for multiple webinars for different end users?

Thanks once again.

Hi @sunder.singh179,

Good question. In this case, I would recommend leveraging our Webinar Started and Webinar Completed Webhooks to know when a user’s webinar license is in use:

Each of these webhooks are triggered each time a Webhook is started/ended, and the payloads include the host user’s ID, so you can know when webinar licenses are in use.

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks Will for your response.

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Hey @sunder.singh179,

I’m glad to hear that @will.zoom answered your questions! If you encounter any further issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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