About Webinar End event subscription in zoom

Zoom API Event : webinar.ended

I have observed that sometimes, even after ending the webinar. I have not recieved webhoook trigger from zoom.

It is happening sometimes.

I want to what are the scenarios this can happen.
I do not have any other error message or anything else regarding this.

Recurring meeting IDs expire after 365 days from the last date it was used. Webinar IDs will expire and be unusable past the webinars scheduled end-time if the webinar is not currently in progress. The webinar will be deleted from previous webinars 30 days after the scheduled end time.

Hi @aballabh
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community! I am happy to help here!

You should be receiving events every time a webinar ends if you are subscripted to the webinar.ended event. May I ask, what kind of application are you using to listen to these events?


Hi Elisa,
I am using an API endpoint that logs every time it is hit, I have faced it few times where the number of attendees were large like 400 - 500. I have tried to provide exact datetime with webinarid to zoom support to enquire regarding that webinar ending logs, but did not get any help there. Rest assured that i have subscripted to webinar.ended event and event is properly validated also.

Thanks for confirming this information @aballabh
Do you have a support ticket open that you could share with me?

Sure @elisa.zoom , Here is the ticket #16315215, but it is not linked to this zoom account.

Thanks @elonjerry4
Let me take a look into this

IDs for recurring meetings expire 365 days after their last usage. If the webinar is not presently taking place, Webinar IDs will expire and be useless after the planned end-time. Thirty days after the planned finish time, the webinar will be removed from the archive of past webinars.
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