Is there any API to hide the floating sharing toolbar?


There are many sub menus on the floating sharing toolbar. How can I hide them?


the bottom part, stop share can be kept.


Hi Xu, 

please take a look at IMeetingConfiguration class, the following API might be useful:

| virtual void  | SetSharingToolbarVisibility |



Hi Wei, 

I called the SetSharingToolbarVisibility API, it just didn’t work. When I shared, the tool bar was still visible.


I also tried the ShowSharingToolbar method in IMeetingUIController class, it didn’t work either.


hi, thanks for your feedback. this is bug. we will fix this. thanks.


Sure, no problem. By the way, when will you upload the latest release of SDK CSharp Wrapper to github? I’ve been waiting for a while. : )


Hi Xu,

Please check the README



hi, already uploaded the latest c# wrap to github. you can download now. thanks.


I assume this bug has not been fixed. Is this correct? If so, when can we expect the fix?

I would also like to:

  • Be able to lock the toolbar once it is hidden, AND
  • Hide it completely

Are these options being considered as well?



I resorted to buying a cheapy very light USB monitor so I could mo the toolbar over there. I’ve found other uses for the monitor now that I have it.