Is there any free account for test or development?

I want to use APIs for some development and testing. when i use the webninar API,
The following error was received.
It looks like because my account does not have a Webinar plan

"code": 200,

"message": "Webinar plan is missing. You must subscribe to the webinar plan and enable webinars for this user in order to perform this action: _ekIwtQ5Twmq_wjtXXhQBw."


Is there any free account for test or development?


Currently, if you go to Webinars API Reference, you can see a list of Webinar APIs. All of these have a Pro or higher plan prerequisite with a Webinar add-on. I am happy to check internally to see if something can be done. Can you share more details about your use case and any additional information you think will be helpful?



I want to make a development that can connect the company’s website and Zoom through API
to facilitate our users。

Main functions:
1 The account of the company system can be connected with the account of Zoom (user level)
2 On the basis of connectivity, the following operations can be performed on the company’s system

through Zoom’s API

  1. Add and modify webninar
    2 Participants logging in to webninar
    3 Start webninar through API (can it be implemented? Which API is the corresponding one?)
    4 Get webninar, participants and other information, and display them on the company’s website.

①Can the above 3 be implemented through API? Which one?
②What plans need to be opened for investigation and development other than webinar add-on?
③And, If these functions are commercially available, are there any other costs? (outside the plan in Zoom’s account)

hello teams,

any updates?

It would be very grateful for me if could answer earlier.

@jiangqimin ,

In order to start a meeting/webinar on a user’s behalf with the Meeting SDK you would:

  1. Authenticate by OAuth
  2. After a user completes the OAuth2 authorization flow , you use their Access Token to make requests against Zoom Rest APIs
  3. Make a request to get ZAK token, which can then be passed into the Meeting SDKs to start the user’s meeting or webinar*

Here is our help documentation on using OAuth with the Meeting SDK:

User OAuth with the Meeting SDK

Webinars: Start Webinars on user behalf

You can also leverage this workflow to make requests to the Zoom API to get user details after successfully authorizing the user.

Yes, all of the above functionality can be implemented.

You would need to think about the workflow and the user experience you want to implement and deliver. Other than that, once you have the webinar add-on to your account, you should be ready to start your development process.

You will want to make sure you license the users/Participant you want to have the ability to control the webinar (i.e start the webinar).

Let me know if this helps.

thanks very mach!

sorry for a other questions.

In addition to using the Meeting SDKs,
Can I start webninar on the page of my system?

For example, the following actions:

①Authenticate by OAuth

② Click a button on the company website (like url is Error - Zoom )

③ Directly display the start meeting page of zoom(or zoom clinet)

④ Enter the meeting

Here ②the user must be has ben logged in zoom. Otherwise, requiring login page will be displayed.

Is there any way to make the user is logged in at ② by OAuth ?

It looks like that authenticate by OAuth can only get Access Token and use api.