Developer Account Webinar plan is missing error


I’m attempting to create a Zoom webinar via the API, but I’m receiving the following error: “Webinar plan is missing. You must subscribe to the webinar plan and enable webinars for this user in order to perform this action.” What is the reason behind this error, and do I have the capability to create webinars using a developer account or do I need a specific plan? Can you assist me with this issue?

Thank you

@murataydinw if you are creating a webinar, it must be created under a user.

If this user does not have webinar plan, the error message above will show.
This is not a developer account issue. It is the lack of webinar license in the user account.


Thank you for your previous response. I have a follow-up question.

I’m using my developer Zoom account email as the {userId} in the following URL:{userId}/webinars.

Is this the correct approach, or should I be using a different identifier for the {userId}?

Thank you for your assistance.

@murataydinw ,

This means that your zoom developer account does not have webinar license. You will either need to use a different userId with webinar license, or assign your account with webinar license.


Thank you for the clarification. I actually selected the webinar when I did the scopes edits on my existing account.

Can you walk me through how to assign the webinar license to my developer account or point me to any resources or documents that explain the process?

Thank you for your assistance.

@murataydinw you need a paid account with webinar. This is on top of the scope which you select for your app.

  1. Get a paid account with webinar add-on
  2. Sign in to as owner (or admin with rights to assign license)
  3. Go to UserManagement-> User tab
  4. Select the user which you want to assign the license, and click on edit
  5. Choose Licensed radio button
  6. Select the license type
  7. Check on the webinar checkbox.
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Thank you,
I have one last question

I can’t do webinar creation tests with the developer account, so do I understand correctly, even for integration, I need to buy it, right?


For any webinar creation, you need licensed account.