Is there any way to block to join participants the meeting


Hi we have a project and we use Zoom meeting system via Rest API. In our project we need to block to joining meeting except our system.

When meeting start all meeting participants and host  able to invite anyone and the invited one can join the meeting.

For this we set “Only signed-in users can join meetings” attribute True also specify domains from which users can join a meeting when they sign in too.

But in here the invited participants can join meeting too.

Also we did not see “close registration after event date”  options for meeting like webinar. Is it exist?

Finally how can we block invitaion to meeting and provide adding participants to meeting only via rest API?






“close registration after event date” also exists in the meeting, you can refer to a meeting edit page and then scrolling to the bottom of the page, if your meeting is required register, you can see:



1.Set “Only signed-in users can join meetings” attribute true with specifying domains from which users can join a meeting when they sign in, if Invited participants match the specify domains, they will still able to join the meeting

2.Please contact our technical support for further assistance If necessary


Hi Dean;

Can i set “close registration after event date” option for meeting via Rest API?


Currently, there is no such feature in Meetings API, if you need this feature, you can contact our technical support and then according to the discussion to decide whether to do this feature