Pre Register Participants and block any non registered participant from entering meeting

When creating meetings through the API, is there anyway for registering users to the meeting before when the meeting is created? And if I try to join from another account which is not the same as the registered user, the user should not be able to login with the non registered account.

I tried adding registrants, it worked but when I tried joining a meeting with a non-registrant it still permitted.

No Error, just a query

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?{meeting_id}/registrants{email}/meetings

Hi @david7, when you create a meeting using the API, in the settings object set registration_type to 2 to require registration for the occurrence, and set approval_type to 0 or 1 to require approval (automatic or manual).

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Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply, I am passing the same parameters in my API and that is working well.

But I want to add the participants to the meeting, and only those participants need to be accepted into the meeting, blocking all unregistered users to join the meeting.

I registered a user and he could view the meeting. But I also tried with another account which I haven’t registered, and it still let me join the meeting.

Basically, I want to prevent Zoombombing, as the term many are referring to.

Hey @david7,

Did you have the registration set to automatically approve?

You can also whitelist certain email domains to increase meeting secuirty:


Hi Tommy,

Yes, the meetings/webinars have auto approval, but I don’t want anyone to try accessing it with a link, just a select few that have subscribed on my website. Also the whitelisting, how can it be handled in the API?


Hey @david7 use the Update Account Settings API to set up authentication profiles through the the API.

Hi Michael,

are these the options I need to enable for it?

"enforce_login": "boolean",
"enforce_login_with_domains": "boolean",
"enforce_login_domains": "string",

Hey @david7,

Yep! Those are the authentication profile options! :slight_smile:


Awesome, how do I add the domains in the API? or can they be added in the settings of zoom profile?

Hey @david7,

You can add them at the meeting, user settings, or account level settings with the API.

Or you can set them with the Zoom Web Portal: