Is there any way to check the RateLimit-Remaining before the create meeting?

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We are trying to develop the features to create multiple meetings at once.
We would like to check RateLimit-Remaining before creating the first meeting.

Could we check from any way?
We want that way doesn’t decrease “Daily meeting create and update requests” rate limits.


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Hi @yuki333 ,

I’ll look into the best way to check remaining rate limit for you and get back to you.

Thank you for your inquiry,

Hi, @gianni.zoom .

Did you get any information?

Hi @yuki333 ,

Unfortunately at this time this is no way to check RateLimitRemaining without sending a request to the API endpoint and checking that value in the headers.

Thank you,

Hi, @gianni.zoom .

Thank you for your support!

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No problem at all! Thanks for using Zoom!

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