Is there any way to open Zoom Apps through link from zoom chatbot without going to external browser?

We have created a Zoom app and Zoom chat bot for zoom market place.
Is there any way exist to directly open zoom app through chat bot message or any other way through chat-bot.

  • I have tried doing it with link property of chat apis but it is redirecting me to the external browser.
  • Also tried zoomus:// prefix before the url but it is showing invalid body.

Willing to know if any way exist to achieve so,

You can use the DeepLink API to link a user to your application. More information can be found here.

Let me know if that helps :smile:

Hi Max,

The deeplink will be created through the access token and that will be valid for a limited time. What if the user will click on the link after the access token expires?

Another question: The deeplink will open the app in the zoom client but what I have observed it displays the popup in the browser then through and that popup opens up the zoom client, is there any way to prevent that browser popup and directly open the Zoom App on deeplink click in chat message?
Please check the below url for screenshot.