Deep Linking for desktop apps


Use case: share a link with other users of only Zoom desktop app which they can click and opens Zoom app right away, without the need of the browser.

This is done by deep linking. I’ve found another question on this however it does not answer my question. If I click this link in my OS (macOS): zoomus:// the system asks me to select an app to open it, and if I select Zoom, it works perfectly. However, for some reason Zoom isn’t detecting the deep link automatically.

Question here is: what is the deep link correct format? Any doc I can check?



This is a somewhat limiting factor in the OS, unfortunately. MacOS should have the ability to “remember” your choice, but it will ask each time for security reasons. 

Which OS and version of the OS are you using?

I don’t think you should need to “remember” the choice. Idea here is to have the Zoom app subscribe to any zoomus:// links. There are several native apps that do this, for example message://message=cenas will open the Mail app, without the need to open a browser or manually stating “remember to always open with this app”.

From my tests I see that Zoom already knows how to parse the url zoomus:// which is the biggest piece of functionality. Only missing part is that when I click on it, the app listens to that url and opens it.

This to say, the OS should have nothing to do with it.

Thanks Jose, I will report this to our client team.