Is Video SDK affected by JWT app type deprecation?

We are using Zoom Video SDK and we generate a jwt token to authorise the Video SDK to start and join sessions. From what I read in the JWT app type migration guide, the Video SDK authorisation method has no association with the JWT app type.

But we also generate a JWT token using api credentials to access the Video SDK api. Is this method of accessing the VIDEO SDK api using a jwt token affected by the JWT app type deprecation? Do we have to migrate something?


Hi @cionas ,

JWT App Type deprecated does not affect Zoom Video SDK JWT Token.

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good to know, thanks a lot!!!

Hello @chunsiong.zoom ,

According to Zoom’s guidelines, JWT apps have been disabled or deprecated.

So my query is, are JWT App and JWT token the same?

We have created an app using the Zoom Video SDK, utilizing a JWT token that enables users to directly start and join meetings within the app.

Since JWT Apps will be deprecated, will there be any impact on the JWT token when used with the Zoom Video SDK?

Thank you.

@AndLeap , I’ve missed out on this. Sorry for the late response.

JWT App deprecation does not affect Zoom Video SDK.