JWT app deprecation and videoSDK

Can I get some official clarification on whether the JWT deprecation will affect video SDK users who are using JWTs to start sessions?

We do not have an app listed on the Zoom Marketplace.

We are doing something like this: using Zoom Video SDK for Web inside our own PWA. To start or join a session, we use the ‘SDK Key’ and ‘SDK Secret’ to generate JWTs, and pass the JWT into VIdeoClient’s “join” function.

Also, is there a support email address or website (to create a support ticket) for account related issues regarding the Video SDK?


Hi @zoom65 ,

JWT App Type deprecation will not affect Video SDK users.

Video SDK uses JWT Token to authenticate, but this is not the same thing as JWT App Type

For ticket based, or email based support, you will need to sign up for a premier developer support https://explore.zoom.us/docs/en-us/developer-support-plans.html

Are you encountering issues, or having queries regarding your Video SDK account?

Hi there,

Thank you for the clarification regarding JWT Tokens and JWT App Type.

I having problems with another account, but I’ve found the way to lodge a support ticket on that account now.