Is Windows Client SDK fully supports meeting interpretation feature?

Is Zoom Windows Client SDK fully supports IMeetingInterpretationController feature?

Is this feature supported for a free account? do i need to activate this feature in the account settings?

When I try to run IMeetingInterpretationController.StartInterpretation() method SDK returns SDKError.SDKERR_MEETING_DONT_SUPPORT_FEATURE result.

Hey @aliaksei.luferau,

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That should be supported, yes. Are you using the C# wrapper?


Hello Michael,
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Are you using the C# wrapper?

Yes, I am using a C# wrapper. I had to add the meeting_interpretation_ctrl_dotnet_wrap class myself.
But as I see here Translating-your-meeting-or-webinar language Interpretation feature is available only for

Business, Education, or Enterprise account; or Pro account + Webinar add-on plan

Is this true?

Hey @aliaksei.luferau,

That is correct. If you do have one of those accounts and are still receiving this error, there is likely a mistake with your wrapping of the interface.


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