Issue: audio-statistic-data-change Event Does Not Return Data

Issue: audio-statistic-data-change Event Does Not Return Data

Video SDK Type and Version
VideoSDK 1.11.6 for Web


The audio-statistic-data-change event is not returning data despite successfully subscribing using session.subscribeAudioStatisticData(). This issue occurs even when multiple participants are connected and active with audio. However, events for video and share statistics return data without any issues.

No error message. The issue lies in the audio-statistic-data-change event not providing expected data.

Troubleshooting Routes

  • Tested across multiple browsers and client versions.
  • Ensured proper implementation as per SDK documentation.
  • Verified functionality with other statistic events (video, screen share), which are working correctly.
  • Confirmed that participants’ audio is actively connected through the Account Dashboard session.

How To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior including:

    • Subscribe to the audio-statistic-data-change event using session.subscribeAudioStatisticData() and initialize the event listener using client.on('audio-statistic-data-change', onAudioStatisticDataChanged).
  1. Ensure multiple participants are actively connected with audio.
  2. Observe that the event does not return any statistical data.

Hey @mark.eubans

Thanks for your feedback.

When all users in a session are muted, the audio stream won’t be transmitted, so the audio-statistic-data-change event won’t be triggered. Can you check if this is the case?

If not, could you share the problematic Session ID with us for troubleshooting purposes?


Hello @vic.yang,

Thank you for the swift response.

However, even if all the users are unmuted and speaking, the event still doesn’t transmit data.

This is the latest session ID:
884 2457 9277

Hey @mark.eubans

Can we confirm if you called the session.subscribeAudioStatisticData() method earlier (before the session.startAudio() method returns)? If this is the case, there might be some issues.

We will improve the subscribeAudioStatisticData() method in the next version to eliminate the burden of calling this method.

Currently, a workaround is to delay the session.subscribeAudioStatisticData() method call.


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Hi @vic.yang,

Yes, the statistical data subscription for audio, video, and sharing are being called right after client.join and before startAudio or startVideo.

For now, I will try to modify and add a delay on calling session.subscribeAudioStatisticData() and will provide feedback if the workaround is successful.