Web Video SDK Version 1.3.0

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Web Video SDK version 1.3.0 release :slight_smile:

New Requirement in version 1.3.0

  • The role_type attribute in the Video SDK JWT token is required. See SDK Authorization for details.


  • Virtual background support, and APIs
    • APIs include: isSupportVirtualBackground , previewVirtualBackground , updateVirtualBackgroundImage , stopPreviewVirtualBackground , and virtualBackground option in startVideo method
    • See API reference for more details
  • Audio and video statistic information.
    • Subscribe to audio and video data via subscribeAudioStatisticData and subscribeVideoStatisticData
    • Data will be sent every second via the audio-statistic-data-change and video-statistic-data-change events
  • Support for sharing audio only while screen sharing a Chrome tab
  • Support for sharing “Content from 2nd Camera” (e.g. a document camera, or the integrated camera on your laptop)
    • New ScreenShareOption option for the startShareScreen method
    • New secondaryCamera-related method: switchSharingSecondaryCamera
    • See here for more details on functionality, and the API reference for usage


  • Datacenter selection algorithm for reduced latency and improved in-meeting performance
    • Improvements include geo-fencing and greater prioritization of geographically-close servers
  • QoS for in-meeting video streams (e.g. participant videos)


  • Occasional conflicts when starting 720p videos with virtual background
  • Issue where the start audio with speakerOnly option on iOS mobile browser could lead to users not hearing audio
  • Video rendering issue on Android mobile browsers

You can also see the update listed on our Changelog



Hey @tommy , the data we get from audio-statistic-data-change and video-statistic-data-change events, Can we know of which user the received statistic data belongs to as currently, I don’t see any userId field in the payload.

I hope the problem when the participants turned on the sound when the host exited, if you specify the role_type is fixed ? )

I described it here V1.2.0: Improved role management: Original host - #2 by vic.yang

Hey @shoaib

The statistic data of audio/video is a reflection of the overall network, not the specific user. We are planning to provide the fps and resolution data for each video.