Issue playing back large WAV audio file in Zoom Windows Video SDK

Using your Zoom desktop SDK (1.2.0 32 bit ) We are trying to feed large (around 300MB ) raw WAV audio data buffer into zoom session virtual mic so that our music track gets broadcasted from our back end application to all other participants in the session joining in from the front end. But we got 6021 ZoomVideoSDKErrors_RAWDATA_SEND_TOO_FREQUENTLY when we tried to hand the pointer to the beginning of the raw WAV audio data. When we tried a WAV file under 6MB it was working and playing the audio into the session. To feed in the large audio file (300MB), we broke down the buffer into small chanks and called the virtual mic to send functions multiple times in a loop with a sleep. But then also it does not work. Even though some send calls report success/0 error code it does not play the audio in any way. Some calls report 6021. Is there any solution to overcome this issue? I don’t have a way to see if the internal zoom buffer is ready to read again or not. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some insight. Thanks in advance

Which Windows Video SDK version?
1.2.0 (x86)


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  • OS: Windows 10

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Hi @kanishkamherath,

It is not surprising to hear that there are issues when trying to send 300MB through this, since the raw data feature is expecting realtime audio to be sent. I think we may need to submit a feature request to allow this, but we’ll need to investigate what options we can pursue here. I’ll keep you updated once we have any new information.


@jon.zoom Thank you very much for the update. Yes please, kindly share the available options with me once you investigated.


Hi @kanishkamherath,

Due to the bandwidth limitations imposed by our back end, it is not going to be possible to send a 300MB file through the Video SDK. Your best option to play this audio within a session is going to be sending the file in real-time as if it were playing normally.


Thanks for the update @jon.zoom.

You are welcome!

Please don’t hesitate to reach back out in a new topic with any additional questions. :slightly_smiling_face: