Passing Raw Video/Audio to Zoom Encoder on Windows Fully Customizable SDK

Need to pass Raw Video/Audio data to Zoom Encoder.

Which Fully Customizable Windows SDK version?

**Requirement: **
Currently Zoom is passing my Camera Video and Audio and works with internal encoder when setting :
sessionContext.videoOption.localVideoOn = true; // to on the camera
sessionContext.audioOption.mute = false; // to unmute audio.

I need to pass Raw Video/Audio data to Zoom encoder with myself. How to achieve this?
Is there any documentation of how to pass raw video/audio data to Zoom encoder. My requirement is to write raw data to Zoom Encoder.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device:Windows Visual Studio 2017
  • OS: Windows 10

Hi @mtaha, thanks for the post.

Currently, the Fully Customizable SDK only allows you to provide video data. Audio data can be received, but sending it through the SDK is not directly supported at this time.

Raw video data can be sent through the sendVideoFrame method. To access this method, obtain an instance of the IZoomInstantSDKVideoSender by providing an instance of IZoomInstantSDKVideoSource in your ZoomInstantSDKSessionContext and listening for the onInitialize callback. The sender parameter is what you are looking for.


Hi @jon.lieblich

I am able to send Raw Video frame to the Zoom encoder. But, We can only pass the Raw video frame of the same resolution which we get in onInitialize callback inside VideoSourceCapability parameter.

The VideoSourceCapability lists some resolution, We have to pass any one resolution frame which lists inside VideoSourceCapability parameter. Is this so? Or we can pass any resolution frame to Zoom encoder with sendVideoFrame?

Hey @mtaha,

You are correct when you say,


Hey Michael,

Thanks for confirming , One more thing is there any API for passing raw audio data to Zoom audio encoder?

We also need to be able to send raw audio data. FYI: Have emailed John & Paul for clarification.

Hey @mtaha and @Philo,

As of this version, there is not currently a way to send rawAudio manually.


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