Issue with App Approval

I am Trying to Submit a new web app which is login protected. Created OAuth App and submitted during review I am getting following response:

During testing we encountered the same error when attempting to add our own test account to the platform, which is required for verification of the functionality of your app. From the request below, we see two problems. One is that you are attempting to pass scopes, which is restricted. Second is that there appears to be a character that is not being properly encoded for.

I don’t understand app is in review process and it does not allow me to use any other email to login with and when zoom user is trying to review app using their test account they are seeing the same error as if I am trying to login using different email then my developer email.

How do I explain whoever is reviewing my app that it does not work with other zoom account then mine. I set the instructions clearly on how to approach the review process. Keep getting rejected how do I get live help? Any help appreciated I am in a bit urgency mode due to app is live on prod but not yet approved and Zoom review process they dont do it on beta url.

Error: invalid client_id:

I did verify the client_id it is valid and zoom integration does work with my email but not with any other emails.

Hi @dev1York,

To ensure you can help troubleshoot this with our review staff, please make sure to direct your comments/questions directly to the review feedback document that should have been shared with you.