Issue with Automatic Decline of Recording Requests in Zoom Meeting SDK after one minute

There is an edge case we discovered: the Zoom Web Meeting SDK automatically declines recording requests after one minute, even though the prompt remains visible to the user, allowing them to still click ‘allow’ or ‘deny’. Currently, there is no way to differentiate between an auto-decline and a host decline. Furthermore, the fact that the prompt remains visible and clicking ‘allow’ does nothing could frustrate users. The onMediaCapturePermissionChange event returns allow: false after about one minute without host interaction.

We hope you can look into this issue. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Meeting SDK for Web version 3.7.0

Let me know if there are any specific changes or additional details you’d like to include.

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We are experiencing the same situation. Could you please provide some clarification and guidelines on how to handle this scenario? :pray:

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