mediaCapturePermission doesn't work in Zoom web app

Based on the Zoom SDK App Requirements, we implemented a bot that sends a recording request to the host using the mediaCapturePermission API.
When using the native app to join a meeting as a host, a modal to request a recording is displayed, but not when using the web app to join a meeting as a host.
How should the bot be designed to address this issue? For example, should the bot be able to determine if the host is using a native app? Or should we just allow the Bot to start recording without a recording request in the case of a Zoom web app?

Furthermore, If “Automatic recording” is turned on, the bot will not show the recording request modal when it joins. What should the bot do in this case?

Hi @kanata.koyama, thank you for raising these questions. Let me check to see if this is expected behavior and get back to you with guidance.

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Hi @kanata.koyama ,

What version of the client are you on? Though not the exact same issue, this developer had encountered issues on the web app that was resolved with updating the native client:

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Hi @gianni.zoom, here is version info;
native zoom app: 5.14.2(17213)
OS: macOS Ventura 13.5.2
Meeting SDK for Web (which the bot uses): 2.15.2
OS (which the bot uses): Ubuntu 22.04

I updated the native app version to the latest (5.15.7 (21404)), but still the same problem occurs and the bot output below error log when calling mediaCapturePermission.

not support grant local record permissin

though “Local recording” is true.

Should we update Meeting SDK for Web to 2.16.0?

@kanata.koyama ,

We have identified this issue, and will be rolling out a fix soon



thank you for quick reply!

ok, i’ll try after the updates :slight_smile:

Excuse my additional question.
Is it possible that other settings in Zoom’s /profile/setting page could cause the mediaCapturePermission API to not work properly and not display the recording request modal?


Sorry I have no idea as I have not tested all the settings extensively.


Hi, @chunsiong.zoom.
How can I know this issue has been fixed?

@kanata.koyama no we have not. It might take a few weeks for the next release to roll out

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hi @chunsiong.zoom,
excuse me again, but we need to update to the bot within a few weeks. How can I handle this issue until it is fixed? Do I need to have a workaround in place?

excuse me again and again, here is a more urgent question, so if possible, could you please look at this one first?
Sometimes mediaCapturePermission API doesn’t work - Meeting SDK / Web - Zoom Developer Forum

@kanata.koyama , I’ve taken a look. I’m unable to help as I’m unfamiliar with that area.

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@kanata.koyama, as a short term workaround while the issue is being fixed, you could use which is an API for meeting bots.

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@kanata.koyama latest update: this issue of “no prompt visible when auto recording is turned on” should be fixed now.

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let me check!

should i check with Zoom Meeting SDK for Web - 2.17.0 ?

@kanata.koyama yes check it with 2.17.0

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Hmmm, this error still happens though update sdk version to 2.17.0 :thinking:
not support grant local record permissin

The procedure is same as this time.

The meeting.html of our meeting bot is based almost entirely on this code.

@kanata.koyama , are you able to do a screen recording for this?

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