Issue with Queue functionality of Application Restart Commands to Zoom Room Devices

I was sending zoom application restart commands to two devices on our account and everything was executed successfully. When a command was triggered I would receive the acknowledgment response. During testing, the API commands stopped executing for both devices and also failed to execute when manually triggered from within our Zoom account. I still received acknowledgment responses from the API during this time. After physically rebooting one of the devices the system came back up and proceeded to trigger all of the application restart commands that had previously been sent to it. After the queue was flushed the other device on our account is now performing the application restart when sent to it since the queue is clear.

The zrclient commands seem to be sent to rooms within an account queue rather than a device queue. If one device has an issue executing a command the queue stops and control of other devices on the account are not executed. The commands seem to be adding to the end of the queue which will not trigger until the queue flushes or issue has been resolved with the blocking action.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Rooms / zrclient

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
This issue randomly occurred while testing remote application restart commands to devices, The device that held up the queue was a Windows based Zoom Room Nuc.

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Hey @jordan.elasky,

Are you able to reproduce this issue or was it a one time occurrence?


Hello Tommy,

It was a one time issue, I may see it again, but I have not tried to reproduce. We have clients that have hundreds of Zoom devices and my concern was around the fact that one stuck device may cause commands not to be executed on other devices with no option to tell if the queue is hung or which device could be causing it. I know the device that it happened with originally was a Windows Zoom Nuc displaying signage via an internal website. Thanks

Hey @jordan.elasky,

Thanks for the additional details. Please let us know if you see this issue happen again.


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