Some time the command zCommand Call Invite - In-Meeting of ZR-CSAPI not working

We are integrating with Zoom Rooms Control System API Version 1.1 .

the issue is that sometimes the user not getting calls on his device while inviting him from the "zCommand Call invite user: " while the acknowledgment of the command is getting successful.

The full error message or issue you are running into.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
ZR-CSAPI Version 1.1
“Zoom Room Release”: “5.4.3164.1204”

Which Endpoint/s?
zCommand Call invite user:

Screenshots (If applicable)
Below are the commands and responses details which we are sending.
#Call command sed to zoom rooms over ssh is:
zCommand Call invite user:

#Zoom Response
zCommand Call invite user:{ “InviteCallResult”: {}, “Status”: { “message”: “”, “state”: “OK” }, “Sync”: true, “topKey”: “InviteCallResult”, “type”: “zCommand”}

Hi @nitin.choudhary,

Thanks for reaching out about this—to clarify, is this an intermittent issue, or are you seeing this consistently? Can your confirm your device and platform?


Thank You @will.zoom,
Sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

Device and Platform Description:
“platform”: “Mac OS X, 10.14.6”
“Zoom Room Release”: “5.4.3164.1204”
“ZAAPI Release”: “1.1”

Problem Statement:
In few cases the Zoom call is not initiated whom we have called but the invitees are online on his/her device in Zoom App.

Our Observation:
After two or three attempts if call is initiated then it works perfectly. Now we tried call invitees many times but it works.

We observed this is an intermittent issue. We got this response from Zoom Room CLI APIs with this error message mentioned below when it occurs

Sending ZoomRooms–:>> zCommand Invite Duration: 60 user:

ZoomRooms Response is <<: zCommand Invite Duration: 60 user:{ “CommonResult”: {}, “Status”: { “message”: “Result reason: “Must not be in meeting””, “state”: “Error” }, “Sync”: true, “topKey”: “CommonResult”, “type”: “zCommand”}

We will appreciate your prompt response on the same.

Hi @nitin.choudhary,

Thank you for confirming—I noticed that you appear to be on an outdated version of our Zoom Rooms client—can you please upgrade and let me know if you’re still seeing this issue? I believe our latest version is 5.7.0.

Let me know—thanks,

Hi @will.zoom,
Thank you for your support. As we have checked our integration with the suggested version for the above issue. It works with version 5.7.0.

We want to integrate with the full functional operations of Zoom Room CLI. For that we are referring to this document version:
Zoom Rooms Control System API: Version 1.1

Problem Statement:
But we didn’t get a few of the operation’s commands mentioned below:

  1. Make Co-host
  2. Admit participants from the waiting room.
  3. We are getting the same event response for waiting room participants either it is from the organization or outside of the organization. So, how we can differentiate it.

Hi @nitin.choudhary,

All of our supported commands are outlined here for the ZR CLI:

If you’re not seeing a particular command, this means that it is not currently supported, and would be a feature request.

If you’re referring to a certain command in particular, and have questions, just let me know. Thanks!

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