Zoom Room CLI - Participants bug

Hey All,

This is an ongoing bug with pulling the current participants from the meeting. I cant exactly find a way to reproduce this bug, but it seems after x amount of time calling zcommand call listparticipants will start returning no participants(wont even return that you are a participant in that list). The current only way I have found to fix this is by restarting the Zoom Room client.

Is there anyone that can look into this or has anyone have a similar experience?

Zoom Rooms Computer = 5.0.0 (1420.0426) - Windows 10
Zoom Rooms Control System = 1.1 - Windows 10

I realize the Zoom Room CLI is no longer being developed, but I hope we are still able to get bug fixes.


Hi @Daniel_Rees, are you able to use the List Meeting Participants API for this instead of the ZR CLI? (I understand this is not he ZR CLI, but this would be my suggested route for the best support).