[Issue] Zoom Meeting API - OpenAPI Specification code generation

Hello guys,

I have a few question regarding the open api specification for the Zoom Meetings API. I would like to build a node application with typescript that will use the Zoom Meetings API. I used this library: openapi-typescript-codegen to generate the typescript services with this command: npx openapi --input ./ZoomMeetingAPIspec.json --output ./zoom-api, where ZoomMeetingAPIspec.json is the file I download for the meeting api.

The generation is successful but the typescript code has some issues in the types that are generated. For example:

public static reportTelephone(
        from: string,
        to: string,
        type: 1 | 3 = '1',
        queryDateType: 'start_time' | 'end_time' | 'meeting_start_time' | 'meeting_end_time' = 'start_time',
        pageSize: number = 30,
        pageNumber: number = 1,
        nextPageToken?: string,
    ): CancelablePromise<{

You see the type argument has a 1 | 3 union type but the default value is string ‘1’

This is the reportTelephone function in the ResponseService.ts. I have concluded that this is happening because the open api specifications has this definition for the reportTelephone endpoint like this:

 "/report/telephone": {
      "get": {
        "parameters": [
            "description": "Audio types:<br>`1` - Toll-free Call-in & Call-out.<br>`2` - Toll <br>\n`3` - SIP Connected Audio",
            "in": "query",
            "name": "type",
            "schema": { "default": "1", "enum": [1, 3], "type": "string", "example": "33" },
            "x-enum-descriptions": ["Toll-free Call-in & Call-out"]

The schema for the type parameter defines it an enum: [1, 3] of two integers, and then the default values is set as string “1”.

Any advice on what to do? In my opinion the specification file needs correction. But maybe there is workaround?

I would like to receive a response to that. The Open API specification has issues!

Hi @geodask
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and for bringing this up to us,
Let me take a look into this issue and do some testing on my end.
I will come back to you shortly

Hi Elisa,
Does the API specification still have issues?

Hi @enrique
Sorry for the late reply here and not resolving this issue.
Let me look internally and will come back to you

Hi @enrique
Thanks for your patience here.
I just reviewed our Zoom Meeting API Spec and it is correct, here is the date from the reports/telephone:

"/report/telephone" \: {
    "get": {
       "parameters": [
               "description":"Audio types:  \n `1` - Toll-free Call-in &amp; Call-out.  \n `2` - Toll   \n \n`3` - SIP Connected Audio",

Hope this helps clarify this issue