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“Download spec” returns invalid zip file and once extracted the JSON is also invalid and cannot be used to create a client

Invalid Zip Archive and OpenAPI spec errors

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behaviour:
1. Click the Download spec button at the above link
2. In Windows Explorer try to extract it’s contents
3. ERROR: Extraction fails with an error saying the zip file is invalid

4. Using 7-Zip extract the contents of the zip archive
5. ERROR: The extracted file has no extension

6. Rename the file and add the .json extension
7. Open the file in a text editor
8. Paste the contents of the file into the schema section of
9. ERROR: Lots of schema errors are displayed

Please fix :pray:

Apart from the fact that the zip file is invalid, the spec is also invalid and although you’ve have plenty of complaints it seems fixing it is not a priority.

If we had a valid spec file (you could use to manually fix the spec and make that json available for download) then it would help most devs by allowing us to generate client in any language and get up and running really quickly with your fantastic API.

Hi @ahmed.patel ,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I am not able to replicate this on Postman so I want to confirm if it seems to be happening with just

Our Phone API is available on our public workspace here for your use if you continue to run into issues: Postman

Hi Gianni,

Thanks for the response. I’ve imported the json into Postman, which seems fine, but both swagger[dot]io and NSwag display errors. swagger[dot]io is managed by the creators of the swagger standard. They also help define the newer OpenApi standards so they know what they’re talking about. If your json is showing errors, it’s unlikely to be their app that’s wrong.

The best way to fix these errors in the short term would be to follow the advice in, then you can copy the corrected specs back into your code/definitions.

A topic for this issue seems to get created every few months because of the advantages of using automatically generated clients. It would be a massive help if the json was able to be used on or within NSwag :slight_smile: