[Issue] - Zoom Web SDK with picture-in-picture mode

Hi all, I have other problem with PiP (picture-in-picture). After joined a meeting, I need enable PiP feature for req “The video window should be constantly forced on top of any game that is open”. (We are trying to create a video call when playing a game)

At this point, I can use the Javascript on Chrome bellow:
let canvas = document.getElementById(‘sv-active-video’);
let videoWrapper = document.createElement(‘video’);
videoWrapper.muted = true;
videoWrapper.srcObject = canvas.captureStream(60);
It’s worked, but if I minimized the browser or switch to other browser tab => The PiP is freeze until I active again the meeting tab.

So, can you please review it and suggest for me something to resolve it?

BTW, I want to ask if I can create a 1-1 meeting? I’ve read the API docs, but it’s seem can not.

Which version?
@zoomus/websdk”: “^1.7.7”

Hey @manh.nguyentuan,

So we are on the same page, you are trying to customize the Web SDK streams?

Can you share a screenshot or GIF of the issue?