Issues starting a meeting

I’m having issues starting a meeting. I hadn’t changed the code or any credentials, but now when I try and start a meeting, I am no longer able to. I get this message instead:
image. On the browser console, it says:


I am unsure of how to fix this, or how this even broke in the first place.

Hi @ameliashort331,

Thank you for using the Zoom Developer Forum. To investigate the cause of the described behavior further, are you able to provide us with more details? Please provide the following details for when you run into this error so that we can help debug:

  1. A screenshot of the browser console when this error is shown:
  2. Steps to reproduce:

This information will help us isolate the root cause of the behavior you are experiencing.


Here is what I see in the browser console. I enter my meeting ID number and password

Hey @ameliashort331,

Thank you for providing more information. It looks like you might be using an older version of the Web SDK as the Web SDK no longer requires jQuery as a dependency. Please test with our Sample Web App which is using the latest version (1.9.1).

Let me know if that helps.


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