Issues with IOS SDK Screen share..contd

Hi @carson.zoom, @IOSDev

This is in continuation with the below thread:

Have posted it in a new thread since that was closed. We are still not able to see the Share option on the Zoom meeting options. I have provided the below link for the Zoom Screenshots.

Please advise what are we missing?


Hi @helloparent,

Thanks for the post and the screenshots. Everything looks good, I believe the issue is caused by the image11, which shows the onClickShareScreen callback is not being called. Normally when that happens, it is caused by the delegate is not being set, you may refer to the implementation in the demo app:

Please note that this is a publicly available forum and your credentials are shown in the screenshots. To protect your credentials, please regenerate your SDK credentials and disable the share link. If you need to send any private information or credentials for troubleshooting purpose, please let me know and I will contact you privately.

Hope this helps. Thanks!